Open Face Motorcycle Helmets go stylish.

Stylish Open Face HelmetsWhile we definitely recommend full face helmets over their open face counterparts from the safety perspective there are many that prefer open face helmets for various reasons such as claustrophobia and the fact that they are more comfortable in our climatic conditions.

Until recently this meant being stuck with lids that lacked style and features. However the latest crop of helmets from Vega, Steelbird and LS2 amongst others offer some great features and styles that lift the plain old open face helmet into a style statement.

Vega VerveVega’s latest launch the Verve comes in a wonderful range of colours never before seen on lids in India. The helmets feature washable side pads.

Vega Verve ShutterThe Vega Verve featuresunique shutter mechanism that allows you to lock the helmet while keeping out the elements.

Vega Eclipse FeaturesThe Vega Eclipse features a long visor to protect you against dirt and dust. An additional tinted visor helps while riding in bright sunlight. The helmet features completely washable padding. While the range of colours is not as extensive as the Verve range there are graphic options for that added splash of style.

Vega Crux HelmetThose with larger heads will enjoy the comfort of the Vega Crux helmet. This helmet with its leather finish and exaggerated motorcross style peak has an extremely aggressive macho look.

Steelbird Style HelmetThe Steelbird SB Style helmet comes in a range of unique colours and with the bold branding running across the helmet really does stand out . The helmets feature a removable neck roll for that can be stored away for the summer months.

LS2 Open Face HelmetsThe LS2 Tomcat and it's more angular sibling are made to European standards and offer some of the best protection in an open face helmet at a reasonable price. The helmets features dual visors and washable padding. They are available only in white, black and matte black.

Revised 22 May 2016

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